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Anyone who dances in the southwest suburbs probably knows Carl and Karrie for their unique ability to get their students addicted to this dance. Their jam-packed dance lessons clearly illustrates this point. They are well known for their dynamic instruction, and their positive attitude toward all. Both Carl and Karrie are dedicated to the swing dancing scene, and would love nothing more than to have the quality of dancing in the Southwestern Suburbs of Chicago keep improving.



Carl Linder


Karrie Willis


Carl Linder and Karrie Willis have been teaching and dancing together since 2001. As a team, they have performed and provided instruction at numerous venues for many different clients including Frankie's Blue Room, The Barn of Barrington, Pheasant Run Resort,The Willowbrook Ballroom, Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Chicago Bulls, Wheaton College, CDW corporation, MBNA, and others. They even performed in the 2003 Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade. Carl and Karrie have over 32 combined years of teaching experience. Carl teaches martial arts and Karrie teaches students in grades 3-5 for a living. They both love to teach, and that, combined with their experience, is what makes them well respected dance instructors.


They are well known for their ability to break down any dance movement for any student at any level. Carl's zany personality while on the teaching floor is another reason for their immense popularity. Not only do they teach, but they constantly strive to continue their own dance education by taking numerous classes, private lessons, and by attending workshops and dance camps throughout the US.


Carl and Karrie have trained under the best instructors the world has to offer: Steven Mitchell and Virginie, Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas, Sylvia Sykes, Erik and Sylvia, Eddie and Eva, Kenneth and Helena Norbelie, Peter Strom, Andrew Twiss, and more.

Dance Instructor Rob Farmer
Rob Farmer

Rob Farmer is an expressive dancer, a dedicated student, and a compassionate teacher. He has been dancing for 4 years with Carl & Karrie and grown quickly in his dance. For the past year, he has been working with Carl and Karrie to teach students at varied skill levels. In the classroom, he values respect, dedication and above all passion for dance. 


Rob came into dancing with an ear for music and a feel for movement. At a young age he taught himself to play the guitar and quickly began experimenting with writing his own music. He developed a love for Jazz and its history when he was introduced to Swing and feels that it's unique sound inspires creative movement. 


He believes that a full understanding of body awareness and the movement within the dance will help students continue to grow and improve their skills as dancers.

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Sylvia Sykes Workshop

September 28, 2019

Carl & Karrie present an upcoming workshop with renowned dance instructor Sylvia Sykes! Pre-registration deadlinemidnight on September 21, 2019

Swing Night at Delicia!

Every Wednesday Night

7:30pm - 8:15pm Beginner/Basic Swing Lesson, $10 cover

Swing Night! Every Friday!

Every Friday Night

Join us every Friday night for a short and sweet hour of dance. 30 minute swing dance lesson. 30 minutes of practice.

Old Towne Swing Night

Every Tuesday Night

7:30pm - 8:30pm Beginner/Basic Swing Lesson

Beginner Swing Lesson!

Every Wednesday Night

7:30pm - 8:30pm Beginner/Basic Swing Lesson

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